My representatives

Local: Division 11 (Jimboomba)

Councillor Trevina Schwarz – Chairperson Health, Environment and Sustainability Committee (

State: (Beaudesert)

Mr Jonathan (Jon) Krause – Party: Liberal National Party (LNP)

(Phone: (07) 5541 4386, Fax: (07) 5541 4413, Email:

Federal: Wright Electorate

Mr Scott Buchholz MP

Liberal Party of Australia

NCT federal member tweet

My local member is not listed in the Australian Hansard, so I have found the last time the member for Beaudesert (neighbour town) Mr Jonathan Krause. The Queensland Parliament website would not let me view his latest speeches, so instead I would like to comment on Mr Krause’s inaugural speech spoken on Tuesday 29 May, 2012. It is clear in this speech that Mr Krause has a great connection to the Beaudesert electorate and is passionate about its importance in Queensland. He makes mention of family run and small businesses, and makes it clear he knows and cares for the locals. Living in the electorate itself, he seems to have a good understanding on the people.

NCT member facebook

Krause, J 2012, ‘Maiden Speech’, transcript, Queensland Parliament, 29 May, viewed 5 September 2014, <;.


National Broadband Network

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a network that will ensure fast broadband is accessible to all Australians. Australian PC Magazine has listed ten benefits of the NBN:

1. Telehealth

“Nurses and doctors will use the NBN to conduct natural video consults with remote patients monitor life-sustaining medical equipment in patients’ homes and run live therapy and exercise sessions with rural patients” (APC 2011).

2. Remote learning

Students in remote areas may currently have a network hooked up, but when sharing between the entire school Internet speeds suffer greatly. The NBN speed would allow for fast internet use, interactive classes and much more for students in rural areas.

3. Videoconferencing

Video call services (such as Skype) can be painfully slow and not very reliable on current network services. Using the NBN “increased bandwidth and guaranteed quality of service will ensure a better-quality result” (APC 2011) in videoconferencing for both business and personal life.

4. Gaming

Improving speed and reliability in this multi-billion dollar industry.

5. Smart homes

Track your energy and usage in real time.

These benefits also include improving working from home, media and entertainment, faster two-way internet, interactive shopping and, in the future, being able to use “‘haptic’ systems that transmit touch and movement over the NBN” (APC 2011).

A network of fibers will be rolled out region-to-region until 93 percent of Australia is connected and will be maintained by a government business enterprise (National Broadband Network n.d.).

APC 2011, The top 10 benefits of the NBN, viewed 5 September 2014, <;.

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Barack Obama and the “Clean Feed”

What is Barack Obama up to today? According to the schedule published daily, Mr President is attending various meetings, visiting a school and taking some family photos. While you cannot send The President himself a direct message, you can contact The White House through their website by submitting questions and comments online or by writing or calling The White House. Alternatively, The President does have a twitter account run by his staff. You can contact him there, like I’ve done (shown below).

barack twitter2

I am interested in knowing The President and The White House’s thoughts on the fact that freedom of speech is not a constitutional right in Australia.

The Australian government compiled a list of websites and planned to implement a nation-wide blockage of many internet sites, promoting the clean-feed list as being a censor to unsavory sites that involved child pornography. This was not necessarily the case, the list was published on popular website Wikileaks without the governments approval as was shown to block other sites that the government neglected to mention. An article published by The Sydney Morning Herald advised approximately half of the list contained sites that were unrelated to child pornography and included “a slew of online poker sites, YouTube links, regular gay and straight porn sites, Wikipedia entries, euthanasia sites, websites of fringe religions such as satanic sites, fetish sites, Christian sites, the website of a tour operator and even a Queensland dentist” (Moses, A 2009).

Moses, A 2009, ‘Leaked Australian blacklist reveals banned sites’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 19 March, viewed 5 September 2014, <;.

President’s Schedule 2014, viewed 5 September 2014, <;.


Dole: time to take a stand against human rights e-petition

e-petition e-petition signed


I have signed this petition, below is a snippet of what the campaign entails.

Eight years in prison and a $10 million fine. That’s what Andy Hall is facing right now — just for exposing multiple human and labour rights violations including child labour, passport confiscation, forced work, violence and abuse in a Thai pineapple factory.” (Dole: time to take a stand against human rights 2014)

Dole: time to take a stand against human rights 2014, viewed 5 September 2014, <;.


Journey of the PC timeline

Hi! I have created a timeline this week highlighting the key points in the evolution of the personal computer (PC). I’m not sure if the link is working (I will attach the non-interactive timeline to this post in pictures, too), but hopefully you will get to see the ancestors of that smartphone in your pocket!

Scan_20140830Scan_20140830 (2) Scan_20140830 (3)

Below is the source I have used for all information, in the case that the interactive timeline link does not work:

Towner, B 2012, Evolution of the PC, viewed 30 August 2014, <;

Another great resource for learning about the development of the PC is the online journal article titled ‘Getting small: a short history of the personal computer’ by Janet Abbate that is available through the Griffith library. This article traces the evolution by first considering the technological underpinnings (Abbate 1999).

Abbate, J 1999, ‘Getting small: a short history of the personal computer’, Proceedings of the IEEE, vol. 87, issue 9, pp. 1695-1698.

Exploring social media

It is important for social media sites to not only establish what kind of site they are, but to continually improve the user experience. For a website like Facebook, it’s important to stay up to date with what the users want so they are not overtaken by their many rivals. This is done by researching what users want, and providing the experience they need to have in order to keep coming back. A great method of research for this would be action research. Action research is essentially learning by doing and can greatly improve social media sites by understanding what a user needs by becoming a user.

The book cited below would greatly help anyone wanting to conduct action research:

Somekh, B 2006, Action research : a methodology for change and development, Open University Press, New York.


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