Development of essay

I am currently finishing my essay on the impacts social media has on young people’s health. I was hoping to include both negative and positive impacts on youths mental, physical and social behaviours, but unfortunately the word limit has beaten me again. I will be focusing on the negative effects, as this is where most of the research is. The research seems to focus a lot on the negative effects because they can have such detrimental outcomes, for example; suicide, but there are more reports coming out on the positive impacts as social media develops. I think this is because people are beginning to develop an understanding of how to cope with social media; like anything, humans need time to adapt, and social media has been no different. As this this new communication technology is one of the most recent, it has taken a while for people to understand the language of the Internet, how to navigate it and where to separate yourself from what happens online. Separation is something people are still struggling with, in my opinion, with addiction being a topic I will discuss. I will post my research notes later on, most of them people scribbles on pieces of paper (for some reason, this is how I formulate the best ideas) and then my essay later tonight.


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