National Broadband Network

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a network that will ensure fast broadband is accessible to all Australians. Australian PC Magazine has listed ten benefits of the NBN:

1. Telehealth

“Nurses and doctors will use the NBN to conduct natural video consults with remote patients monitor life-sustaining medical equipment in patients’ homes and run live therapy and exercise sessions with rural patients” (APC 2011).

2. Remote learning

Students in remote areas may currently have a network hooked up, but when sharing between the entire school Internet speeds suffer greatly. The NBN speed would allow for fast internet use, interactive classes and much more for students in rural areas.

3. Videoconferencing

Video call services (such as Skype) can be painfully slow and not very reliable on current network services. Using the NBN “increased bandwidth and guaranteed quality of service will ensure a better-quality result” (APC 2011) in videoconferencing for both business and personal life.

4. Gaming

Improving speed and reliability in this multi-billion dollar industry.

5. Smart homes

Track your energy and usage in real time.

These benefits also include improving working from home, media and entertainment, faster two-way internet, interactive shopping and, in the future, being able to use “‘haptic’ systems that transmit touch and movement over the NBN” (APC 2011).

A network of fibers will be rolled out region-to-region until 93 percent of Australia is connected and will be maintained by a government business enterprise (National Broadband Network n.d.).

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