My representatives

Local: Division 11 (Jimboomba)

Councillor Trevina Schwarz – Chairperson Health, Environment and Sustainability Committee (

State: (Beaudesert)

Mr Jonathan (Jon) Krause – Party: Liberal National Party (LNP)

(Phone: (07) 5541 4386, Fax: (07) 5541 4413, Email:

Federal: Wright Electorate

Mr Scott Buchholz MP

Liberal Party of Australia

NCT federal member tweet

My local member is not listed in the Australian Hansard, so I have found the last time the member for Beaudesert (neighbour town) Mr Jonathan Krause. The Queensland Parliament website would not let me view his latest speeches, so instead I would like to comment on Mr Krause’s inaugural speech spoken on Tuesday 29 May, 2012. It is clear in this speech that Mr Krause has a great connection to the Beaudesert electorate and is passionate about its importance in Queensland. He makes mention of family run and small businesses, and makes it clear he knows and cares for the locals. Living in the electorate itself, he seems to have a good understanding on the people.

NCT member facebook

Krause, J 2012, ‘Maiden Speech’, transcript, Queensland Parliament, 29 May, viewed 5 September 2014, <;.


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