Barack Obama and the “Clean Feed”

What is Barack Obama up to today? According to the schedule published daily, Mr President is attending various meetings, visiting a school and taking some family photos. While you cannot send The President himself a direct message, you can contact The White House through their website by submitting questions and comments online or by writing or calling The White House. Alternatively, The President does have a twitter account run by his staff. You can contact him there, like I’ve done (shown below).

barack twitter2

I am interested in knowing The President and The White House’s thoughts on the fact that freedom of speech is not a constitutional right in Australia.

The Australian government compiled a list of websites and planned to implement a nation-wide blockage of many internet sites, promoting the clean-feed list as being a censor to unsavory sites that involved child pornography. This was not necessarily the case, the list was published on popular website Wikileaks without the governments approval as was shown to block other sites that the government neglected to mention. An article published by The Sydney Morning Herald advised approximately half of the list contained sites that were unrelated to child pornography and included “a slew of online poker sites, YouTube links, regular gay and straight porn sites, Wikipedia entries, euthanasia sites, websites of fringe religions such as satanic sites, fetish sites, Christian sites, the website of a tour operator and even a Queensland dentist” (Moses, A 2009).

Moses, A 2009, ‘Leaked Australian blacklist reveals banned sites’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 19 March, viewed 5 September 2014, <;.

President’s Schedule 2014, viewed 5 September 2014, <;.



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