Journey of the PC timeline

Hi! I have created a timeline this week highlighting the key points in the evolution of the personal computer (PC). I’m not sure if the link is working (I will attach the non-interactive timeline to this post in pictures, too), but hopefully you will get to see the ancestors of that smartphone in your pocket!

Scan_20140830Scan_20140830 (2) Scan_20140830 (3)

Below is the source I have used for all information, in the case that the interactive timeline link does not work:

Towner, B 2012, Evolution of the PC, viewed 30 August 2014, <;

Another great resource for learning about the development of the PC is the online journal article titled ‘Getting small: a short history of the personal computer’ by Janet Abbate that is available through the Griffith library. This article traces the evolution by first considering the technological underpinnings (Abbate 1999).

Abbate, J 1999, ‘Getting small: a short history of the personal computer’, Proceedings of the IEEE, vol. 87, issue 9, pp. 1695-1698.


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